My Ladyboy Date Review – Asian Transgender Dating

My Ladyboy Date Review - Asian Transgender Dating

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As the name suggests, My Ladyboy Date is a dating chat site focused on transgender and trans women from Asia. The term “ladyboy” maybe still up for debate in western society. Whether it is acceptable or not in the west, in Asia, it is fairly used and tolerated. In short, the term ladyboy is meant to address Asian transgender ladies.

UPDATE: In 2022, due to the GAFA boycott attempt, Myladyboydate and its TWIN Mytranssexualdate sites have been merged into My transgender date. The GAFA has decided that keywords such as “transsexual” and “ladyboy” are no longer tolerated. We will keep this review online for legacy matters and SEO. Now all old links pointing to Myladyboydate will redirect to Mytransgenderdate.

With that disclosed, if you are a man who is turned on by the exotic beauty of Asian trans women, My Ladyboy Date is our recommended choice.

And here is why

My Ladyboy Date Review

If a romantic partner is the type of relationship you are seeking, look no further. MLD is currently the top chat site out there since 2012 for this purpose. Still maintaining its prestige and quality standards nowadays. Over the years, it has indeed proven to be solid, unlike other dating sites that show up today, and disappear sometime later. As well pretty successful in promoting its core values of genuine love and a long-term relationship between men and trans women.

Even if you are a first-timer, we would still encourage you to give it a try because of its quality. However, we are also aware that not everybody is ready yet for commitment. In the alternative, if you prefer the “no strings attached” over being openly committed, we suggest you have a look at our reviews for casual ts dating

With that being said, you may still consider My Ladyboy Date even for simple friendship or connecting with someone. The only rule we suggest you apply at all times while using this site, is being polite and respectful. Because of the following reasons…

A solid foundation

We began the tale of this exceptional dating site for ladyboys a few years back on our blog. This time around we wish to provide you with some updates, and a more technical review approach.

Launched in the Philippines, by a couple, a French man and his Filipina Transgender girlfriend. In a very short time, the website gained popularity in the Philippines and all around south-east Asia. No wonder MLD’s community boast a high presence of transgender coming from Thailand and the Philippines ( the two most populated country by ladyboys in the world by the way). Extending to Laos, Viet Nam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia, and Singapore. In recent years, also China and Japan had a spike in the transgender presence and population “coming out”.

Take note that, My Ladyboy Date website also shares the same database of former My Transsexual Date, today renamed My Transgender Date. This means that you can extend your research worldwide while being logged in. As the latter is mainly focused on the western audience, you can also browse and chat with western transwomen on My Ladyboy Date.

Go and see it by yourself, sign up for free on my ladyboy date now. Currently, the website is hosting more than 1.000.000 registered users worldwide. It may sound not a lot compared to other media for a broader audience, but for this exclusive niche, the number it’s pretty high indeed.

A Dating Site for Decent Ladyboys and Gentlemen

My Ladyboy DateWhile all this sounds enthusiastic, be aware that this dating chat site has very strict policies and moderation. As mentioned earlier, it strongly promotes the value of romance, genuine love and long-term relationship. Vulgar language, bad behaviour and flashy images are promptly punished by the moderator team, which, by the way, operates exclusively by transgender and trans women. Decency is the rule. Behave yourself, be a gentleman, and you won’t risk getting banned. The same applies to transgender and trans ladies.

On this note, transwomen can also register for free and have access to full premium features right away. On the other hand, the gentlemen who wish to avail of the premium features will have to upgrade to the paid plan. Part of the revenue is used to employ transgender bloggers, activists and moderators.

As we know, the trans community still suffers from social stigmas and struggles to find dignified jobs in the market of work. So, we consider this a noble reinvestment, bolstering positively the whole service reputation.

By our side, we believe that these quality standard has led this website to stand out among the other competitors that aimed to a more commercialised image of trans dating.

As matter of fact, some of our bloggers are currently engaged with ladyboys met on this dating site among many others. Browse the page of successful love stories between ladyboys and foreigners

What else can I expect on My Ladyboy Date?

Beyond the opportunity of meeting incredibly beautiful and sexy transgender women from Asia?

Jokes aside, here below we have more to tell and some valuable dating tips for everyone.

Based on our inspection and interviews with the admins, the website features top-notch web technologies. While its minimalistic design may suggest otherwise, on the backend are running advanced scripts and algorithms to spot malicious users, fake profiles or scammers, and hijacking attempts. The moderators and customer support are available 24/7 and generally answer within a reasonable time frame.

Design-wise, menus and navigation are simple and easy to use. There are all the necessary tools to optimise your research and matchmaking. On this note, the site does not apply or offer any sort of matchmaking, the research results are all based on the user’s custom settings. The website is fully compatible with mobile devices and desktops. And a dedicated mobile app is to be expected in the near future for download. The website features a dedicated blog with dating guides and news and it is multilanguage translated.

My Ladyboy Date Review - Asian Transgender Dating


For are more inclusive review, you can also have a look at our previous review of ex My Transsexual Date, now renamed as My Transgender Date.

Advantages of Dating Ladyboys Online

With the recent pandemic, online services became even more prominent, offering long-distance communication all around the world in safe environments. But taking out of the way these exceptional circumstances, there are plenty of benefits to using dating online services. Especially if you are coming from the western world and planning to take a long flight to the other side of the globe.

  • Comfort – Organise your dates and future trip while still in your country. Statistically speaking, we recommend not to exceed the 6 months delay to meet with your ladyboy date. Otherwise, you’ll risk losing her to someone who is more consistent.
  • Safety – While being on the website, you are protected to a certain degree against bad-intentioned users who may take advantage of you.
  • Plenty of Fishes – So many profiles and different people to find the best possible match for you.
  • Trust – Going to a completely different country can be overwhelming for a first-timer. Having somebody who waits for you there, that you can put some trust, it is great.

And if you consider that every day new people sign up looking for someone special, we are confident that someday you’ll meet a suitable partner for you too.

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