Transgender World Beauty Pageant Miss International Queen Return on Stage

Transgender World Beauty Pageant Miss International Queen Returns on Stage

After the stop caused by the pandemic of 2020, finally, the Transgender World Beauty Pageant Miss International Queen Returns on Stage in 2022! Yes, the dates for the contest have been shifted from the usual October-November to June! And we believe it was a great decision to set it in the best moment ever! As of this month, the world is also celebrating LGBTQ Pride Month (from June 1 to 30)!

We wish to apologize for being on short notice! But worry not, the Grand Finals in about 8-6 hours since this post-publication on June 25 2022

Follow the Miss international Queen Live Finals on Youtube at this link and set the reminder, or watch it from here!

This will be the coronation night for MIQ 2022.

Miss International Queen 2022

Miss International Queen 2020 Crowning moment

The three finalists at Miss International Queen 2020

On the stage of the 16th edition of Miss International Queen 2022, there is no relevant news to mention, is there? Indeed, we can also celebrate what seems to be the sunset (hopefully) of facemasks and face shields and finally head back, moderately to the “Old Normal”.

As far as the contest is concerned 

The event will be held in Thailand, Pattaya City, at Tiffany’s Show Theatre. As a reminder, for the less familiar with the event,  MIQ is an exclusive beauty contest for transgender women, whether they underwent Gender Confirmation Surgery or not (sex-change surgery).

The contest

As for what the 2022 event is concerned, this edition will be attending 23 contestants representing their respective countries of citizenship.

Withdrawals from the contest: Australia, China, Norway, Singapore, and Sweden for unspecified reasons.

Returning countries: Puerto Rico, Cambodia, Colombia and Honduras, Canada, Ecuador, Korea and Venezuela, United States

The contestant will be split in

  • National costumes
  • Swimsuits Catwalk
  • Glamorous evening gowns

The godmother of this edition will be Valentina Fluchaire from Mexico (Instagram profile), winner of MIQ 2020, passing the crown to the new queen.

Our Bets for Miss International Queen 2022

The beauty of the exotic contestants from Asia has genuinely impressed us here at our blog site. See all the contestants of MIQ 2022 on Instagram

Our bets go as follows.

And you? Who is your favourite that should be the next most beautiful transgender in the world for 2022?

Post Grand Finals Update

And so we are back after the grand finals of Miss International Queen 2022. Our side has had some unexpected development regarding the outcome on the night of July 25 at MIQ, but we believe all awards have been deserved for each contestant.

Congratulations to the following Misses who have respectively won

  • Best National Costume for Japan – Yushin
  • Miss Congeniality for Laos – Minladar Engmany
  • Miss Photogenic for  Cambodia – Sai Fhon
  • Miss Popular Vote for India – Namitha Marimuthu
  • Best in Evening Gown for Thailand – Kwanlada Rungrojampa
  • Best in Talent for Vietnam – Phùng Trương Trân Đài

Considering the ending three finalists, we certainly agree with the crown award

Philippines, Fuschia Anne Ravena is Miss International Queen 2022

Fuschia Anne Ravena and the two finalists at MIQ 2022

For the third time, in 16 editions of Miss International Queen, the Philippines wins the crown. The first time in MIQ 2012 with Kevin Balot, and MIQ 2015 with Trixie Maristela.

And again in MIQ 2022 with Fuschia Anne Ravena, a transgender model from Cebu, Visayas region in archipelago Filipino. First Runner Up went to Colombia – Jassmine Jimenez, and Second Runner Up to  France – Aëla Chanel.

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