My Ladyboy Date The New Hope For A Better Future

My Ladyboy Date Cyril & Maki

Is It love a privilege that belongs only to the so-called “normal” couples? Whatever – normal – means, for Maki & Cyril, the couple ( on the above pic ) who operate behind the stage of My Ladyboy Date, as well the team of transsexual date online and me, the answer to this question is

Everybody deserve to finding happiness and be loved

It doesn’t matter the color of your skin, religious beliefs, sexual orientation or gender identity, we are all equal, and we all look for happiness during our life journey.

Who are Cyril and Maki?  We do consider them as “the new hope,” pioneers of change to emancipate humans rights and transsexuals communities from everywhere. In a different modern way.

Here is a short tale of an extraordinary couple, a French trans-oriented man and his transgender woman from Asia. A real inspiration for all those who believe in the good old values and the meaning of a life shared with a special someone, and true love. And when you create something inspired by love, the result is often genuinely surprising. What has been established?

This is also the story about the making of My Ladyboy Date. A project which in the recent years has symbolized a new hope for a better future!  A real inspiration!

( If you are curious to see it right away, following this link you can visit immediately their dating site )

Men and Transgender Women in Love

Best ladyboy dating sites reviewLove is something that everybody, who more who less, at least once in our life we wish to find and experience. Unfortunately, for some individuals is not that easy as you might imagine.

At times, love is around you, but you may not be able to tell or notice that, the happy couple beside you is not exactly the most common. You know? What you see is not always what it seem.

What does this mean? There are today new formed couples which could be just sitting there beside you, a westerner men and his beautiful Asian transgender, who looks like just every straight couple in love as Cyril & Maki.

And why not? Coincidence, this may happen to be also thanks to the commitment of Maki & Cyril, because these guys are giving new chances and hopes like never before to men & transsexual women from every corner of the world.

The new opportunities they have created, or ” Building Bridges “, ( as they call it ) which we consider as:

The next generation of online dating for Asian transsexuals looking for romance

But how is it possible?


Have you ever heard of My ladyboy date then? It is a dating site for Asian transgender girls; the so-called women of “Third Gender or Third Sex in Asia”, best known as ladyboys in the west society. And what makes the difference between many quality features it has, is that it has been created for the purpose of a romantic relationship.

As mentioned earlier, this story is also the throwback of the making of my ladyboy date dot-com, and a preview of the following Myladyboydate date review is coming next days.

I would like to introduce a more detailed tale about this extraordinary couple behind this project. Because what they did, it’s unique and amazing.  Who have chosen to change something

 Moved by love…

…sense of humanity

…the will to make a change for a better future

Online dating for transgenders & transsexuals was broken

We live in societies where often the consumer, cynic business, and opportunism dominate. Where the human values step behind, favoring convenience and cheap solutions. However, fortunate, there are also people who still believe in the good old values, principles and hard work in this world.

As well, that genuine love is the key to real happiness

The problem is, unfortunately, that for trans women finding love is never simple search, as well for those open minded and brave men who like to date transsexuals girls. Why? You will discover that soon, keep reading this story.

This awareness motivated one day an in-love couple to show that changes are always possible and that you can always make the things different. Maybe inspired by?

Cit.: Steve Jobs,

“Think Different”

Note: The Author says “My ladyboy date has been developed on a MacBook Pro.”

The outcome of these feelings, beliefs and motivations combined, generated the idea of

My ladyboy date project


My ladyboy date butterfly logo

To help out their fellow trans-oriented men, transgender & transsexuals women, who shares these thoughts, Cyril and Maki knew it was first necessary to create the right place. And what could be if not the internet? Where can you reach everybody all around the world nowadays?

What was also a priority, all it had to be sober and decent, but above all, really committed to its intentions. Why had these concerns? Because the general internet dating for Asian transgenders as well for Western transsexuals, had problems that most webmasters often do not pay enough attention, or just do not care about at all.

What does this mean? Until four years ago, there was not yet a decent place where was possible to find a serious romantic partner among the most popular internet dating sites. And when you are a trans oriented-men or a trans woman, finding love in the good old-fashion way, is not that simple. Due to social stigmas and discriminations around the world. That’s how the internet becomes a powerful and helpful, in fact, such couples nowadays are born thanks to internet dating.


A throwback in 2012, the dawn of the transgender dating next generation

With this awareness, a day back in 2012, an in-love couple, a French guy and his Filipina transgender girlfriend ( the boy and t-girl on the main pic ) decided it was time to give a change. That time, they were still managing a Facebook community, which was counting an elite of over 2000 members, named “Meet My Ladyboy Girlfriend”. And that’s how is all started. One day, Cyril announced he was working on the development of his dating site on his Facebook group ( now inactive for the record ).

For those who were there ( I was ), have been unforgettable moments, seeing our dreams turning into reality while Cyril was showing to everybody his progress. Asking feedback and advice to all of us, yes, he was making you feel part of it, but above of all, you could feel the genuine sense of humanity and hard work he was putting on it.

Personally, the feeling to be finally in good hands ( I was looking for my ladyboy girlfriend too after I broke with my ex ) was filling my heart of hopes. The group members turned to be also the testers of Myladyboydate during the “beta phase”.

After about six months, what you can call now the next generation transgender dating site, it became reality. I can proudly say; I was there! And today, 2016, It is undoubtedly a world reference for all trans lovers looking for long term love relationship.

Presenting finally a different, better, new alternative where men who like ladyboys, and trans women from Asia looking for romance can finally meet.

A dating site where there are No more discriminations, no ADS, zero tolerance for vulgarity and bad intentioned people. Above all, a place where you are accepted and loved for who you are.

Sounds severe? Yes, it is, but as long as you are a respectful person, well-intentioned, no fear. Besides, their moderation politic is more open-minded and friendly than you might think, Maki and Cyril know pretty well how is online dating on the internet.

My Ladyboy Date & Its Dad Cyril Mazur

Simon Deleaux Aka Cyril Mazur

Cyril Mazur, France – Cebu. Founder CEO My ladyboy date

Cyril is a today a 30 years old man, Web Designer, Blogger, and Informatic Engineer from Metz, France, living in Asia, in the Philippines Islands, Cebu.

Before the creation of, he met his Filipina transgender girlfriend Maki online on the internet just like many couples do in recent years ( if you click their images you can visit the profiles on the site).

They fought against all the odds and issues mentioned till now, just like you and me, and they are happily living together as all the couples in love do.

His website has been an undiscussed success among the transsexual dating scene, but this was a point from where to start. Beyond that, they have extended their commitment to the LGBT community emancipation, equality, and education.

Love knows no borders, sees no gender

It’s true that “Love doesn’t know borders”, though, there was a never-ending problem to work out, and still it is a long battle to win. The prejudices and negative stereotypes affecting the transsexual community. Where one of the biggest negative influences, guess what? It comes right from the internet web. Beyond the sex industry on the internet, there was one more preconceive to face, the sexual tourism.

And as I know, they also do, it is just one face of the coin.

And changes are always possible, CIT myself:

Internet has damaged the image of trans community, but it can be also used to fix it

Today, Maki, in particular, is also known for being a moderated activist and trans advocates for transgender rights, beyond being also a famous Transgender Beauty Queen in the Philippines. They have dedicated particular attention to this problem and investigated on all the evil and wrong influences that most people see on the internet and media information around the world.

You can find videos and blogs about it, a little piece of example among many you can find around, here is a dedicated video guide transex and ladyboy dating.

The question was, how can we help and do something for the community? 

Maki Gingoyon trans advocate

Maki Gingoyon – Philippines. Trans advocate and marketing manager at Myladyboydate & Mytranssexualdate

Yes, it is necessary to do much more to make a better tomorrow for next generations. As much as I know, helping ladyboys and men to meet, becoming real loving couples just like them, was an important point to start. It contributes to generating awareness, engaging people who eventually will fight for the benefit of the community.

It is a good way to show the other face of the coin, which most people does not know or can’t even imagine. That also trans women want to find love as every woman do, as well trans-oriented men.

Running a decent dating site for ladyboys is only one part of their commitment.

Did they succeed? Let’s find it out

I mentioned earlier, My ladyboy date is today a world reference among the transsexuals dating sites, and I’m not exaggerating. Here is one of the famous Interviews you can see around of Cyril and Maki, founders of

Marriage? The Happy ending is not longer a mere dream!

Just recently, in February 2016, Maki and Cyril went to witness the first wedding celebration of a couple who met on their transgender dating site for Asian ladyboys.

Maki & Cyril transgender wedding in the Philippines

And once again, remember that what matter is Love and Nothing Else

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