Beautiful Asian Transsexuals – Ladyboys on Instagram

Beautiful Asian Transsexuals - Ladyboys on Instagram

Had you ever heard of the exotic transsexual beauty in Asia ? Are better known as Ladyboys, and today you can discover who are the most sexy and Beautiful Asian Transsexuals – Ladyboys on Instagram in recent years.  Even If you are not a trans oriented man or simply not a fan yet of the third gender beauty, you will be amazed to see how gorgeous are trans women from Asia ! Here we have ready an exclusive tribute to famous beauty queens ( and not only ), with quality pics, dedicated to the most beautiful ladyboys of 2014-2015. All of it, with links on their public Instagram profiles, and a short description to satisfy your curiosity with gossip, chronicles, activities and so on…

Transsexuals in Asia

In recent years, ladyboys are becoming more and more mainstream all around the world. Though, still many westerners are not so familiar with Asian culture and all its wonders. Indeed, the exotic beauty of third sex is one of those. This tribute gallery wants also to give you a short preview of the LGBT scene in Asia, and who more or less, its popular icons and so on. To make you understand how different can be this little big world. Especially when the topic is about the LGBT lifestyle and community developing ! Making a comparison with the west side, you could get pleasing surprised ! This continent has amazing pearls to show, but hidden at the eyes of most!

Let’s now have a short introduction to understand better why some Asian countries are so special when the topic is about: trans women

Beautiful Ladyboys from Asia and next special galleries

Pretty challenging for us deciding which are the most beautiful ladyboy models for these 2 seasons 2014 and 2015. And who deserve more attention than others ! Why ? Maybe you didn’t know it yet that, Asia is the most populated continent by trans women male to female of the planet ? And the highest population of ladyboys is located in South East Asia. Mostly in Thailand and Philippines, followed by Korea, Laos, Sri Lanka, Japan, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia and others… Then, listing all the internet celebrities, beauty queens, amateur models, and even popular ladyboys worth to mention, would be very long ! That’s why we have decided to extend this topic on next blog posts for each country. P.S.: More details at the end of this blog

Why are there so many transsexuals in Asia compared to west side ?

This is a very frequent question that often comes from westerners. Well, this goes a bit beyond the purpose of this topic but… For a short answer, let’s say that, thanks to a more tolerant society, influenced by religious believes and ancient traditions, Asian ladyboys are much less discriminated, and little better integrated in Asia society compared to the west side. And this article serve to this purpose, as proof of what being said !

NOTE: If you wish to know more about ladyboys in Asia, we recommend you to read the following articles

Another very good proof about it, such as, there are so many exclusive beauty contests in Asia, like Miss Tiffany’s Universe, which are also presented on national TV in Thailand.

And guess what ?

The world beauty contest for Transsexual Women MTF is held just in Asia. Since 2004, every year in Thailand, transsexuals from every corner of the world gets in Pattaya to join Miss International Queen. This has favourite the developing of a better integration of LGBT community in Asia. And you can see ladyboys celebrities engaged on different business fields. Cinema, local news papers, Talk shows on TV, music and fashion business, and much more…

This is something that you cannot see yet in your west country, and this is what makes Asia so special ! And now you have an idea for which reasons there are so many ladyboys in Asia!

Beautiful Asian Transsexuals – Ladyboys on Instagram

As we mentioned on the previous article dedicated to beautiful westerner trans women… Asian people, as well ladyboys, are much more fond of social networks like Instagram, the popular app for selfie and photo-shooting. You will be just amazed if you do some research yourself on internet, and see how much more content you can find around about Asian Transsexuals. Celebrities, models, amateurs t-girls, and girl next doors are on Instagram. Even adult models of course !

Just take a look at each model featured on this tribute to Beautiful Asian Transsexuals – Ladyboys on Instagram, and enjoy the links we provided to their profiles pic galleries !

NOTE.: As we mentioned in the previous article about Beautiful westerner transsexual women 2015, some t girls may have a private profile. In that case, you may try your luck, if you have an Instagram account ( it’s free) and send a request to be allowed to see her profile. There are few models who doesn’t have any profile at all, but yet we decided to give them a tribute for their beauty, and commitment in different life career. Because of their positive inspiration to all trans women who still have to fight against the discriminations in this world !


Mo Jiratchayaa Sirimongkolnawin – Thailand

From Bangkok, Thailand, Mo Jiratchayaa Sirimongkolnawin was crowned Miss International Queen 2016 ( postponed to March 2017 due to the death of Thailand’s King), Jiratchaya also won the same year the title of Miss Trans Thailand at Miss Tiffany’s Universe 2016. Aside beauty pageant activities, she also studied at Srinakharinwirot University, and works as fashion designer. We don’t hide it, here at we are devoted fans of her stunning beauty! Here is the link to Mo Jiratchayaa Instagram

Mo Jiratchayaa Thailand's Transgender Beauty Queen

Mo Jiratchaya Sirimongkolnawin

Noey – Nitsa Katherahong – Thailand

The beautiful 22 Nitsa Katerahong ( or Nissa Katrahong, aka Noey among her close friends ) is today a very famous Thai ladyboy beauty queen. After her graduation in fashion design, she joined and won in 2014 the national title of Miss Trans Thailand and Miss Sexy Star at Miss Tiffany’s Universe held in Pattaya. Thanks to this success, the same year Nitsa has joined the most prestigious world beauty contest for transsexuals women, Miss International Queen. Unfortunately Nissa did not succeed to win the most ambitious prize again. The crown went to Isabella Santiago from Venezuela. However, the charming Noey has arrived at the grand final as first runner up ( second place ). Here is the link of Nitsa Katrahong Instagram photo gallery


Nissa Katherahong

Nisamanee Lertworapong NuTT – Thailand

Breathtaking beauty from Thailand, better known as Nisamanee Nutt ( Lertworapong ). Nisamanee is a fashion model, actress, publisher and advertiser of cosmetic products, and famous Thai ladyboy beauty queen in the pageant scene. She won the title of Miss Mimosa 2013, and Miss Social Network at Miss Tiffany’s Universe 2012 in Thailand. Her interests also lay into transgender rights and emancipation in Thai society. She is best know in west side to have played a music video clip about growing as young transgender in Thailand and becoming transsexual. Here the link to Nisamanee Nutt Instagram

Nisamanee Nutt

Nisamanee Nutt

Marian Arguelles Crisologo – Philippines

Generous curves, charming cat’s eye, the Filipina ladyboy Marian ( Arguelles ) Crisologo is among the most beautiful transgender male to female from Philippines of recent years. Famous beauty queen at local transsexual beauty pageants in her country, she also joined Miss International queen, the world beauty contest held in Thailand. We suggest you, too take a look at this awesome musical video clip, where Marian play herself as main subjected with all her charm, under the notes of ” Victoria’s Secret “, played by Filipino local band. Here is the link to Mariane Crisologo Instagtam

Mariane Crisologo Arguelles Transsexual Filipina

Mariane Crisologo

Chamila Asanka – Sri Lanka

The sexy model Chamila Asanka, also known as Chami, and  ” the she wolf “ thanks to her generous forms and look, is a transsexual woman originated in Sri Lanka. Chami is an up-and-comer in the world fashion industry. She joined the world transgender beauty contest in 2011 at  Miss International Queen ( held in Thailand since 2004 every year ). Update 2020 – Chamila’s Instagram has turned to private, however here is the link to Chami Asanka Instagram

chamiala asanka trans

Chamila Asanka

Piyada Inthavong – Laos

Stunning beauty ladyboy Piyada Inthavong from Laos, also know as Lingling. Piyada was considered one of the favourite contestant to win the title of Miss International queen 2014, the world transgender beauty pageant in Thailand. She is arrived at second-runner up, and the precious crown has been won by Isabella Santiago, Venezuela. Second place to Nitsa Katerahong ( Noey ) from Thailand. Third place for Piyada.

She is also popular for her beauty complexion comparison with the Thai ladyboy Nong Poyd Treechada, who won both crowns of: Miss International Queen, and Miss Tiffany’s Universe in 2004 at the age of 19. Here the link of Piyada Inthavong Instagram photo album

Piyada Inthavong Ladyboy Laos

Piyada Inthavong

Liu Shihan Jessica – China

The 25yo Chinese model Jessica Liu Shi Han ( or Shinan, aka Chan ) is a transsexual model post-op. Born in August 18, 1989 in Changsha, Hunan Province, after the college graduation, she became popular in China  as entertainer. Performing traditional dancing in local clubs. Jessica’s life background is well known at international public today, after her TV interview and Weibo where she told about her transition and love stories. In earlier stages, she worked as dancer / entertainer for about 3 years to earn the necessary amount for cosmetic surgeries. She underwent full sex change, ( sexual reassignment surgery, SRS ) at very young age, about 19.

In 2008 arrives her most important debut at Bijing, fashion photo-shooting magazine for new Adidas’s dress models. Earning immediately fame thanks to her strong resemblance with the Hong Kong model Angelbaby and the Japanese diva Ayumi Hamasaki. Jessica is today a true internet celebrity, considered the most beautiful Chinese transgender MTF. Unfortunately Jessica Liu Shihan Instagram is not available. In alternative you can see her awesome pics PIN on Jessica Liu Shihan Pinterest. A no longer maintained page, gathers gorgeous photos of Jessica Liu Shi Han


Jessica Liu Shihan (or Chan )

Kevin Balot – Philippines

True transgender celebrity in Philippines. Well known among the ladyboys beauty queens idols in her country, the beautiful Kevin Balot won the crown of Miss International Queen 2012 in Pattaya. Becoming the first ladyboy Filipina to have won the most ambitious world prize as transsexual beauty queen. Very admiring her speech about being transsexual in a conservative country as Philippines, and remarks about the LGBT community during an interview with the 3 finalists at MIQ at the video: Kevin Balot Miss International queen 2012 video

Since she was teen, Kevin has conquered many prizes on beauty contests. Today Kevin is legally a woman, but singular case, she is still keeping her male name. However, Kevin also operate in various business nowadays as: endorser, testimonial for famous brands of cosmetic products, make up, fitness centers and fashion magazine. In 2015, has been announced her participation on Big Brother Philippines reality show. Here the link of Kevin Balot Instagram pic gallery.

Kevin Balot

Kevin Balot – Miss International Queen 2012

Maki Gingoyon – Cebu

The beautiful Cebuana Maki Gingoyon is a transgender advocate, marketing manager, transgender dating advisor, blogger, and beauty queen from Cebu Island. Maki became quite popular in recent years on the social medias for her commitment and activities to support the LGBT rights in her country. Also at internet celebrity at international level for transgender emancipation and educational videos. She is also known to be among the most beautiful ladyboys in Philippines. She has been crowned Queen of Cebu, and Queen of the Sky at Super Sireyna 2013. Transsexual beauty pageant hosted by the local tv in Philippines at noon time show, Eat Bulaga!

NOTE: Right after the capital Manila, Cebu is also one of the major cities in Philippines. Where are hosted every year some of the most important ladyboy beauty contest in the country. Here is the link of Maki Gingoyon official instagram

Maki Gingoyon Transgender Philippines

Maki Gingoyon

Annabel Yu – Japan

The Charming Annabel Yu, is a 27 years old from Saitama, Japan, alias Yu Saikachi, is a transgender beauty queen, who participated at MIQ 2013. Annabel is graduated in communication arts and fashion model in Thailand. In 2014 Annabel Yu joined Super Sireyna, transsexual beauty pageant in Philippines. As  Miss Japan, Annabel Yu arrived at the finals, competing for the title of Miss World Wide, but won by Sahhara, Miss Nigeria. Unfortunately, Annabel has switched her profile into private. However, here is the links to Annabel Yu Instagram images.

Annabel Yu Ladyboy Japan

Annabel Yu

Harisu – Korea

Couldn’t miss in our list the gorgeous Harisu, Korean transgender . Born on February 17, 1975 in Seongnam, has been for a decade in new millennium the most famous and appreciated ladyboy singer in Asia. The pop start during her carrier, has release about 11 albums. After her marriage, she announced her retirement from the stage to private life. She is back in 2013 performing live concerts in China, Japan and Korea. Unfortunately her live videos are quire rare, but you can find something at this ladyboy video gallery about Asian singers .  Harisu is still considered today among the most beautiful ladyboys from Korea. Here is the link to Harisu Instagram



Geena Rocero – USA / Philippines

The gorgeous transsexual super model Geena Rocero, is considered one of the most beautiful Asian transsexual. Her career of beauty queen began in Philippines, her native land, at young age of 16-17. At 19 she had the sex change operation in Thailand. Relocated in San Francisco, and finally obtained her female gender ID, begun her career as professional model in the world of fashion. Recently, she became even more popular, after her video revelation, best  known as ” Geena Rocero’s coming out as transgender ” at the age of 30, at TED 2014 ( watch the video following the above link ).

The story about her hidden past told on the video, went viral on all the media. Geena is today well known also for her commitment as transgender advocate and founder of Gender Proud. Here is the link for Geena Rocero Instagram gallery.

geena rocero transsexual

Geena Rocero

Fiona Solis – Philippines / Thailand

Generous sexy forms of the trans woman Filipina Fiona Solis, actress, web entrepreneur, travel blogger, YouTuber, model and artist. Fiona is an amazing hyperactive person, with a big passion for internet technologies and social media. Recently she started traveling around Asia, pursuing the life of the so called ” digital nodam “. She is pretty popular on internet, and followed by many fans in Philippines.

Appreciated among the trans oriented men, for her YouTube videos, about living and growing as trans woman in Asia,  ladyboy dating tips, and travel videos from Thailand. Recently she also acted on the cinema movie: SHUNNED, story about living as trans woman in south east Asia ( Philippines ). At the following link for Fiona Solis Instagram pic gallery.

Fiona Solis Trans Woman Philippines

Fiona Solis

JP Velasquez – Davao

The young and sexy 23 yo trans woman from Davao, Philippines, Jp Velasquez, is the typical girl next door, but with a good sense for art and beauty. Her passion for selfie, photo shooting, and art design in different fields, made her recently pretty popular on the social media and internet. Follow the link to see JP Velasquez Instagram art pic gallery and amateur pics. Note, her profile has recently turned into private, you’ll have to submit a request.

JP Velasquez - Davao Pilippines ladyboys

JP Velasquez

Tribute to Mayang Prasetyo – Indonesia

Mayang Prasetyo 27 yo was a beautiful Indonesian ladyboy model and cabaret dancer from Lampung. Her story went on all media last October 2014 due of her tragic death. She was married with an Australian guy, Peter Volke, who murdered Mayan and abused of her corpse, and killed himself trying to escape the investigators. We wish to end this gallery with a tribute in loving memory of Mayang. Rest in Peace…

Mayang Prasetyo Indonesia Ladyboy

Mayang Prasetyo

You liked our selection of most Beautiful Asian Transsexuals – Ladyboys on Instagram ?We hope you enjoyed this tribute to the beauty of third sex ( gender ) ! Don’t miss the next Ladyboy beauty galleries ! Stay tuned, and Sing up our news letter if you don’t want to miss our next tribute to most beautiful Asian transsexuals ! On next, we will be featuring : Thailand and Philippines ladyboys beauty queens!

Missing you favourite ladyboy beauty queen, Idol, Model ?

We apologize if any of your favourite idol is missing. Feel free to leave your feedback, or advise your favourite one, or who you think deserve to be mentioned, and we will review your request.


For trans oriented men from west side, the discovering of LGBT community and its ladyboys in Asia can be a turning point. These lands are very well known by veteran ladyboy lovers, for being so open minded and less homophobic and bully compared to west side. If you never had a chance, try to find it out yourself, start to chat now with a cute ladyboy from Asia ! You will recognise soon how sociable, stress free and friendly are these girls ! Guaranteed !

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