Thailand most beautiful ladyboys | Miss Tiffany’s Universe

Thailand most beautiful ladyboys | Miss Tiffany's Universe

At Miss Tiffany’s Universe is where you have best chances to see the Thailand most beautiful ladyboys. But you should know that Thai ladyboys are not only stunning and sexy but are even considered among the most beautiful transsexual male to female of the world.

If you have been already once in Thailand, especially Bangkok and Pattaya, sure you came across many of these beauties. Although, there are special events and places where you can see real ladyboys, super models. One of these is the well-known Tiffany’s Theatre. Today we going to show you some of the most beautiful Thai ladyboys of all times, and the most important event for Miss Trans Thailand.

Thailand most beautiful ladyboys | Miss Tiffany’s Universe

Miss Tiffany’s Universe is a prestigious beauty pageant held every year in Thailand, in Pattaya City. The event exclusively dedicated to transsexuals male to female from Thailand. Better known in the world as ladyboys. Today we going to feature a tribute to the winner of last edition 2014, gossip and backstage of the trans world in Thailand. Followed by a pic gallery and the video for the new contest 2015!

As we announced, we are after the event, and right in these days, the new edition of Miss Tiffany’s Universe has begun!

Nissa Kateranhong, alias Noey – Miss Sexy Star 2014

Miss Tiffany’s Universe 2014 edition has been won by the beautiful Thai ladyboy Nissa Katerahong ( some hers alias: Noey, Nitsa Katrahong ). Nissa on the stage, Noey for friends, has joined the same year also Miss International Queen. Although among the favourites on the pageant, unfortunately, she didn’t make to repeat the previous success. She has arrived at grand final with Piyada Inthavong from Laos, third place; Nitsa conquers the second place. The crown has been won by beautiful transsexual Isabella Santiago from Venezuela. The 22 years old Thai, is not only beauty and sexy. Nissa has recently graduated in Fashion and design technology at Bangkok University. Part of her success is thanks to her mother’s support, which Nissa consider ” pillar of her strength .”

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Thailand most beautiful ladyboys | Miss Tiffany’s Universe

Thailand today is famous in the world for having the highest world population of transgender, better known as ladyboys. That has favourited the developing of events like Miss Tiffany’s Universe and much more. Fashion and beauty are the most ambitious career for many ladyboys. By one side, this explains why to exist in this country the most prestigious transsexual beauty pageants of the world. Miss Tiffany’s Universe, in fact, is one of them. All of this in Thailand has generated the phenomena called ladyboy dating, or rather men interested to live meeting these wonderful t-girls.

If you wish to know more about Thai ladyboy dating, here a short guide for your first time in Thailand and how to meet Thai ladyboys

Some curiosity and incredible stories about Thailand

Why is Thailand so different? What has helped this respectful evolution of LGBT population? The reasons which Thailand is such tolerating and respectful od diversity, come on aside from old traditions and myths. Buddhism influence in Asia for sure. A religion that professes the respect for every life form makes people more tolerating. See the story about Ladyboy origins, legend and myth

By one side this explains the better integration for transsexual people in Asian society like Thailand. For sure much more compared to any other place in the world. You can see ladyboy doing many different jobs at every social level. About events, Miss Tiffany’s Universe is just one of many dedicated to ladyboys.

As mentioned, ladyboys are integrated on many society levels as Show, fashion, art, politics and much more. The show niche is the most research for Asian transsexuals. Why is it? Is quite common in Thailand, for tradition in many provinces, small villages, are organised exclusive beauty pageants for ladyboys. Fashion and beauty, attract the interest of many showbiz talent scouts. In this way, transsexual girls can find significant opportunities, and get known in the world of fashion and show. Besides, all about beauty is something interesting for transgender girls, since they care a lot of their look.

Miss Tiffany the beauty pageant for Thai transsexuals

This magnificent beauty pageant is born in 1998 as AMAZING MISS TIFFANY CONTEST. In 1999 has changed into Miss Tiffany’s Universe, in 2004 became the official contest for miss gay / ladyboy in Thailand. It’s yearly held in Pattaya, world ladyboys capital, at the namesake at Tiffany’s Theatre. This event is followed by another very famous: Miss International Queen. Both shows are featured on national TV as well.

World transsexual beauty contest – Miss International Queen

Thailand represents a real authority on beauty pageants for transsexuals. In this country, there is the most important event in the world dedicated to third gender attractions. Since 2004, Miss international queen, has the transsexuals catwalk coming from all over the globe. Thanks to tourism, cultural influences, and respect for LGBT condition, Miss International Queen is considered today, the most important event for Miss Trans in the world.

Miss Tiffany’s Universe 2015

For 2015’s edition 30 stunning beauties will compete for Miss Thai Ladyboy. The contest is already started this 24 April, and will be shown on national TV around 7:00 in the evening. The grand final will be 9 May around 9:00 evening local time. Here the next gallery pics of some contestant that we choose by our preference.

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Would you like to see all the 30 beauty contestant? Here is the link for the pic gallery at Miss Tiffany’s Universe official website

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  1. I like this website it is my interesting ladyboy is two in one, for me that is i like to be @!%&@ y ladyboy as well as !ӣ$%@ ladyboy.

  2. Cory says:

    I’m often traveling around Asia, and in recent years i settle down with a Thai ladyboy, even though I’d never thought i would. But the relationship with Cinthya changed completely my mind. She used to work as dancer at the ladyboy club Tiffany’s, and hanging out there every week-end made me realise that what i knew about ladyboys was quite different from reality.

    I’m never been happier in my life, I love my ladyboy girlfriend.

  3. Tubeman777 says:

    Awesome website
    I found another great website which shows all the Thai ladyboy and normal girls in beauty contests. English and Thai
    Thank me later guys 😉

  4. Steve says:

    I live in Chiang Mai and am lucky to know many ladyboys over the past five years. Most are quite beautiful, thoughtful and kind and are a pleasure to know. They live life 100%, live for the moment and love intensely..
    I have had two long term relationships and can testify to that. It’s not about the sex, although that is always amazing, especially if you are versatile, but the zest for living, intelligence and determination of a ladyboy is a inspiration..

    1. Andrea says:

      Thanks for sharing your constructive feedback, Steve! I’m myself a ladyboy lover, and engaged with one. Can relate 🙂

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