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We are a group of bloggers that wish to address matters about About Transgender and Transwomen Dating at transsexual date online dot com website and blog.

About our Mission

We would like to promote the good values of the genuine love relationship between men (trans-oriented men) and transgender women. We believe that online dating services specialised for trans people can contribute to emancipate society. Sharing the values we believe in and showing that there is nothing harmful in being happy with who you love independently from gender, the colour of the skin, different walks of life and such things.

For the sake of information, we also have to share and publish reviews of services that may be debatable about ethics. The intention is to simply explain in what context it may be better appropriate one compare to another for a portion of the audience/readers that are more interested in a casual or “consumable” aspect of dating or entertaining.

Moreover, we also have to please search engines, for SEO matters to improve the visibility of our published works.

Who we are

Aside from the fact of being bloggers LGBT friendly, some of us are also men who are engaged with trans women and transgender. For this reason, the topic is very dear to us, and we try our best to promote it in a good and respectful manner, from a man point of view. Occasionally, there may be content published by trans women, whether publicly or anonymous.

We do respect everyone’s privacy and wishes. On this note, you can find more at this link about the Privacy Policy on this site.

Follow this link for a more extended tale about our mission.

We try to help you to find a transgender girlfriend

Transwomen and transgender girls dream love just like you do. Even though, as time goes, there are more and more people LGBT friendly as good countries, there is still much work to do for emancipation. Unfortunately, prejudice and discrimination are yet out there, all around the world. With our content we try to promote good intentions and vibes to everyone, to inspire.

Especially to inspire those men, who would love, but don’t dare to try to date a trans woman.

All we know is that none should dictate with who you should be happy with.

Break free from bigotry, live your life with who you like. Love is one of the keys to unlock the door to happiness.

It is your life, it is now or never

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