I Am Attracted To Transsexuals

I am attracted to transsexuals - Taboo & Reality

Are you attracted to transsexuals male to female? Have you had sex with a trans? Do you have after sex sense of guilt? You probably also wondering why you like trans women? You will be questioning yourself, your masculinity, and maybe you will arrive to ask yourself if you are Gay?

I am a man attracted to transsexuals since I was a teen, all these feelings are familiar to me. And those who are at first experiences or yet “virgin” ( sexually speaking ).

Transsexual Attraction: Trans-Oriented Man

felipa-tavares- man-and-transex-mtfThe term trans-oriented is not yet so popular here on the west side of the globe (you might be more familiar with its equal term, trans lover). It is such intended, a man who feels attraction to transsexuals male to female ( MtF Trans Woman ), not to confuse with the Female to Male trans-man ( FtM, women who become men ). In our case, obviously, it is intended for the trans MtF ( a man who become a woman ). Having said this, the term “trans oriented man” ( or trans lover), define a man who sees into the transsexual his ideal partner. For direct consequence, becomes his sexual orientation.

This term became necessary to break the hetero- normative’s binary scheme. The binarity that intends relationships only between the two opposites sexes regardless the gender identity. The Trans oriented men and the transexuals women define a new gender. The so-called Third Gender ( or Third Sex ). In Asia, for example, the women belonging to the so-called third sex and men who are attracted to them, it is a reality already well known.

In recent years, is happening more regularly also on the west side, while In the Orient, the phenomenon of transsexualism and the LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, Transsexual, Queer) persons it’s more common compared to the west countries. As consequence turned to be necessary to define this condition for future law changes protecting the couples and civil rights.

NOTE: Nowadays, most Asian countries haven’t yet approved laws for civil unions, despite that, the transgender population is better-integrated in Asian society.

Old preconceives on transsexuals and Taboo – Time Changes

A consistent part of this gender identity and sexual orientation conception is drifting from the evolutive contribute produced by sociologists and Queer theorists. To mention Julia Serano ( American transsexual writer), Janet Mock (trans advocate), and Quidam’s Thought.

Today the transsexualism is no longer considered a Taboo as in the past century, the idea of something fetish or deviated is fading. The civility is in constant progress, old preconceives and misconceptions disappearing, improving the social relationships and recognising civil rights. The trans women in our era can finally find respect, as well the chance for finding a genuine partner, who knows to love them for who they are. That’s the trans-oriented man.

I Love The Trans, Am I Gay?

Many who are experiencing attraction to the third sex ( the trans women ) still believe that it is something gay (homosexual). In reality, the major part of persons who like to date transsexuals, are mostly straight guys (hetero). According to the statistics, men feels attracted to feminine transsexuals, their female manners and look. On the other hand, the majority of gay males are attracted to the manly Alpha male, and the typical man behaviour, not by the femininity of trans women.

The ambiguity of the transsexual woman is part of her being, and the trans-oriented man is mainly charmed by things such as sexy dresses, high heels, feminine grace, and not because she looks like a man. Then, if you are attracted to the transex women, certainly you are not gay. They may still have the male genitals, but this is just part of their being, transexual women.

If you still have doubts about yourself and burning questions of what is the trans attraction, this video is for you.

Men Loving a Trans

The beautiful girl that you have just seen on the video, Maki Gingoyon, (and all the girls in the pics) is a transexual MtF non-op (still natural, without surgeries). She lives a happy love story with her French boyfriend, committed to emancipate the persons at the comprehension and respect of the diversity.

Whatever is your education and convincements, we are confident that for at least you have figured out better what trans attractions is about for most men out there. The possibilities in the gender identity scale and sexual orientations are many; the gender is fluid. Don’t allow this question to prevent you being happy.

I agree with all of this, and I know I’m not gay having a transgender girlfriend. Don’t feel wrong with yourself; you are not homosexual, and if you happen to find a transexual your ideal partner, consider yourself a hetero trans-oriented, live your life with more serenity.

NOTE: About Maki, the girl on the video, you can discover more on My Ladyboy Date project, following the link.

How arise the attraction for trans or transgender to men?

Undoubtedly the interest from men to a third sex woman grows trough the internet web. The sex industry in these years exploits more and more the androgyny image of trans girls and transgenders. Names like shemale, tranny, ladyboys are often used in the porn industry, in 90% of cases, this is where people have their first approach with the transsexuality, online, in the virtual world, like shemale tube video or sites for cyber sex live cam chats

To mention, the shemale porn industry is targeting the straight audience, but spreading the image of the masculine look of trans (the term shemale, in the LGBT lingo, refers to those trans who look more masculine, less passable as women). The major part of men desire and feels attracted more by those perfectly passable and beauty. For passable, it is intended the opposite of shemale, a transsexual such feminine in the look and manners to be indistinguishable.

As a fact, the most successful actresses in hardcore transsexual movies are very feminine and passable. That’s evidence that the majority of men is attracted more by the transsexual feminine side.

At the second place, in these years Clubs hiring transgenders and transsexuals at their entertaining staff (dancers, image girls, etc). Also in this case, often the girls that attract interest among men are those particularly feminine and beauty.

When a man become Trans Lover

Some case studies revealed the following general data

  • A consistent part of trans-oriented, are straight men divorced or still married. Usually disappointed by the marriage with genetic women, leads them to look for new alternatives, where transexuals are not considered as homosexual evolution.
  • Rare cases had homosexual experiences earlier.
  • A typical case. After the first sexual experience, there is a progressive loss of interest and desire for genetic females.
  • Usually, a man attracted to trans women do not become homosexual over time.
  • Men who feel attractions to transsexual do not seek them to satisfy a repressed or growing homosexuality.

For further details, about on the topic of trans attraction, take a look at My Transsexuals Girlfriend blog


The truth – Among the many reasons a man attracted to transsexual could have, he turns to be trans-oriented once he finds the courage to challenge the people’s suspicious stares, bigot and homophobic opinions. Living his sexuality and desires without fears of what people may say or think. Choosing to be happy with who he feels in love no matter what.

If transsexuals are extraordinary women, the trans-oriented men are as well


Transex Models: Marcela Ohio & Felipa Tavares

Photographer: Carlos Dalessio

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9 thoughts on “I Am Attracted To Transsexuals

  1. Jeffrey Carlisle says:

    I am very attracted to transsexuals. I also like to be able to have a conversation and make plans sometimes, but I’m still concerned for how the world out there perceive us. The only thins I’m sure are our feelings and love, and we hope one day we wont mind of people arou8nd us. I’m glad to see the internet is not only about porn and sex when the topic is shemale, ladyboys, transgender and transsexuals in general.

    Great blog!

    Maki is simply gorgeous!

    1. Andrea says:

      Times are changing, the world is in constant evolution, and we foresee a brighter future for the LGBT community and equality. We do hope that our contribute can accelerate this change.

      1. Sandy says:

        I wish I wasn’t so scared to tell people that I am a crossdresser love to dress up and look sexy and feel sexy a Alpha Male and I know that I won’t get acceptance.maybe your thoughts

    2. Mario says:

      Hey sexy girl

  2. Patrick says:

    I m man that loves trans. Ts I never had a relationship ts girls before . It is a dream of mine to have a ts girlfriend.

  3. Patrick says:

    I want to meet atrans. Woman for a long time please help me? That’s the only type of girls that i am in to now .

  4. Jerome FR says:

    Maybe I’m an outlier: but I like shemales, and men in lingerie. I can’t explain it either. I’m not attracted to female anatomy, yet I get turn on my post-op MTF and FTM. But mostly I prefer masculine men, who I can make submissive.

  5. Eden says:

    First, Thais are eager to avoid conflict to the extent possible, which makes public displays of hostility something of a taboo, even against transsexuals. Second, the country is predominantly Buddhist, according to which transsexuals committed sins in a previous life and as punishment, they were reborn in the wrong body. As such, one should pity them rather than insult them.

    1. Andrea says:

      Thanks for the insightful integration, Eden
      I’ve personally written a dedicated blog post on the topic here Transsexualism and Transgender in Thailand

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