Beautiful transsexuals – Westerner ts on instagram

Beautiful transsexuals - Westerner ts on instagram

Are you a fan of the also called third gender beauty queens? Here is a special compilation of the most beautiful transsexuals – Westerner ts on Instagram. Famous, charming and sexy transgender male to female exclusively from the west side. To be more precise, we will be then presenting only trans women from America and Europe. Including transgender pre-op and post-op which are not only fashion models and celebrities. Even girls next door, or simply amateur tgirls who became famous on the internet.

Be aware – Order of appearance is not a ranking. We simply wish to celebrate the beauty of transgender and trans women, with a few bio info and images.

Beautiful transsexuals – Westerner ts on Instagram

Not as much as on the east side of the planet, but even Western trans women celebrities loves to use the very popular Instagram. The free mobile app developed by Apple became the n.1 social network today for the photoblog. Where everybody can show their professional photo-shooting and selfie. And even celebrities, beauty queens use to show their professional or amateur/private life pics to their fans.

Here we have selected a one-shot photo, for each model in our gallery, and links of the most beautiful transsexuals as a tribute to their successful careers, and commitment in various fields. To inspire positivity and good vibes, emancipate and fight back the still existing homophobia around the world.

Note. Some t-girls don’t have a public Instagram profile, but you can always try your luck with a personal request 😉 As, well some do not have an Instagram profile at all, but we decided to give a tribute because they deserve to be mentioned. However, you can find the link of trans women with an available public profile on Instagram at the link provided in the short description in this article.

Zion Moreno

The beautiful Zion Moreno gained media attention in 2017 for backing up transgender television celebrity Carmen Carrera on her support for 80’s fitness guru Richard Simmons’ defamation lawsuit against The National Enquirer and Radar. Zion Moreno, represented by Slay Model Management in Los Angeles, is a stunning trans model vying for a shot in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition. Here at this link Zion Moreno Instagram

Zion Moreno Transgender Model

Jenna Talackova – Canada

Could you tell she is not a genetic woman? Jenna Talackova is a famous transsexual post-op from Canada, nonetheless a famous beauty queen who won Miss Canada in 2012. Her story became famous when she was kicked from the competition for being a transsexual woman. Since she did sex change operation surgery at 19, the judges reviewed her case and allowed her to rejoin the contest. And she won the title of Beauty Queen. Her incredibly gorgeous deserved the top of our list 🙂 Here is the link for Jenna Talackova Instagram

Jenna Talackova Transsexual

Marcela Ohio – Brazil

Gorgeous latina trans woman from Brazil, South America. Marcela Ohio was crowned as the most beautiful transsexual of 2013 at Miss International Queen beauty contest for transgender in Thailand, Pattaya. In 2012 she was also crowned as Miss T Brazil. Here is the link to Marcela Ohio Instagram

Marcela Ohio miss transex 2013

Lea T Cerezo – Italy / Brazil

Famous and beautiful transsexual model in the fashion world. Born in Brazil, relocated to Italy in her childhood and grown there, she is also known to be the daughter of a celeb soccer player of the Rome team, Toninho Cerezo. Lea T had SRS (sexual reassignment surgery ) in Thailand, in 2013. Lea T is best known to be today the muse of high fashion design house Givenchy. Here is the link of Lea T on Instagram

Lea T Cerezo post-op

Claudia Charriez

We have seen already the stunning beauty of Claudia Charriez in the previous article: transsexual dating tips. Here again, a pic that shock many men discovering she was born male. Despite the fact, she is a transsexual woman she became a famous international model. She was kicked off from America’s Next Top Model and The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency show in 2008. Though she won the same beauty contest for transgender at America’s Next Top Transsexual Model on the Tyra Banks show the same year. Unfortunately, Claudia Charriez Instagram has turned private and visible only to approved followers.

Claudia Charriez transgender mtf

Ines Rau

French-North African background, Ines-Loan Rau, stunning 24 years old transsexual model, born in Paris. Has opened up about life as a world-famous female model, having been born a boy. She underwent sex reassignment surgery at 16. A model that doesn’t lack self-confidence, famous to have been featured on Lurve and American Playboy magazine. In an interview she declared to have been inspired by Caroline Cossey Tula reading her book, I Am Woman. Here is the link to Ines Rau Instagram

Ines Rau beautiful transsexual

Carmen Carrera – USA

Descending from Puerto Rican – Peruvian Ancestry, Carmen Carrera is a sexy icon and became famous for her burlesque performances, actress roles and model. Better known for appearing in the third season of RuPaul’s Drag Race and once again rejoin the reality television series. At the time, she presented herself as a gay man and began her transition at the end of the season. Here is the link to browse Carmen Carrera Instagram

Carmen Carrera Sexy pic


Valentina Sampaio

Valentina Sampaio is a transgender model from Brazil. She is the first openly trans model for Victoria’s Secret. Her modelling career also involved big brands such as Dior, Moschino, L’Oreal, and more. Best known for her show off behind-the-scenes photos for the lingerie brand’s Pink line on Instagram. See more at Valentina Sampaio Instagram

Valeentina Sampaio Trans Woman Model

Isabella Santiago – Venezuela

The beautiful transsexual woman from Venezuela Isabella Santiago is the winner of the World Transgender Beauty pageant Miss International Queen 2014 edition. For the second time, in 2 years the most famous beauty contest of the third gender beauty has assigned the first prize to a South American. Isabella Santiago Instagram

Isabella Santiago Miss International Queen

Victoria Carioni – Brazil

Victoria Carioni, New York, born in Brazil, she is the most known amateur transsexual on the internet. Indeed, she is beautiful, and her passion for selfies and photo shooting made her very popular in the world of social media as well. She is also described as the ultimate trap girl. Follow the link for: Victoria Carioni on Instagram

Victoria Carioni Transex Brazil

Kim Petras – Germany

Kim Petras is a trans woman born in Cologne, Germany. Her rise to fame had wide media coverage of her transition when she was in her teenage. She debuted as a singer in 2011. As of today, she has achieved two hits which both charted successfully in Billboard. Here is the link to Kim Petras Instagram

Kim Petras Transgender Singer


Vittoria Schisano – Italy

Vittoria Schisano, born in Italy 11 November 1983, is famous for being a successful Italian actor as a man. In November 2011, she did come out as transsexual. Her transition story went on all the national media, becoming even more popular. Indeed, she is a beautiful transgender. Here is the link to Vittoria Schisano Instagram

Vittoria Schisano Transsexual Italy

Isis King – Maryland / New York

Born in Prince George County, Maryland, the supermodel Isis King became famous to be the first transgender to join America Next Top Model. The case made her an icon in the history of ANTM. Isis is today, an artist, freelance fashion model, designer, and trans advocate for LGBT rights. Recently she has extended her activities to acting and filmed a movie in the Philippines. Isis King on Instagram

Isis King transgender

Patricia Araújo – In Loving Memory

Patricia Araújo, Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), was a transgender model, and actress for a short period in the Adult media about a decade ago. She passed away at the age of 37, on the 6th of July 2019. Her cause of death has not been confirmed but it was known she was suffering from severe depression. Her profile, for now, is still active Patricia Araújo Instagram

Patricia Araujo Trans Model

Did you like our compilation of Beautiful transsexuals – Westerner ts on Instagram?

What can be considered “beauty” is always relative, but in the case of the third gender, let’s say that beauty about transsexual is also a matter of being passable objective speaking.

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Missing your favourite idol, TS beauty queen, or TG model?

Leave a comment on the box below or write us an email and we will update it! Next weeks, we will publish another gallery dedicated to Asian transsexual, and then another one separated for Sexy star shemale on the adult scene. Though always decent and classy 😉

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