Dating transsexuals on Facebook – Transgender meeting

Dating transsexual on Facebook - Transgender Meeting

Dating trans on social network

If you have decided to start dating transsexuals on Facebook, or even transgender, you probably did the most obvious and common choice nowadays. What best place could be if not the King of social networks? You can sing up free, publishing how many pics you want, sharing video, messages posts, unlimited free chat! Wonderful! And more than most is all free! 🙂 But bear in mind that, if you are an online dating newbie, and not so up to date with latest technologies, you might get very disappointed. But don’t worry, this article is made just to help you out to understand better how it works! How to make good use of it, and get to know people! Of course, even transsexual women or ladyboys on Facebook.

Meeting transsexual women on Facebook

Men fake profiles on Facebook

Men fake profiles on Facebook

Internet resources and services as Facebook, transsexual dating websites, chats, bakeca, blogs are the most common communication tools and information s exchange our times. Like for Asian ts, even for transsexual girls here on the west side, social networks are the best options to socialize and get to know people, make new friends, avoiding people that might act with typical bad manners caused by homophobia or transphobia.

Preventing complications that could happen in different circumstances, relational with preconceived one, or maybe because their androgynous look ( not yet so passable as a woman ), or opposite being exchanged for a genetic woman, who’s hiding an unexpected surprise. Added to all the social stigmas and discriminations, they have to deal with the world out there.

Then, social media represent an excellent tool to make new friends for every genre of person, and not only for the big straight community.

NOTE: In all the cases, bear in mind that your attraction for transsexual is mostly straight. There is a minor part of people who are attracted to transsexual like: gay, bi-sex or curious, but usually is mainly a temporary alternative… Anyway, this is another topic that we will be covering soon! If you have doubts about your sexuality and masculinity, I recommend you this article at following the link: being attracted to trans women is gay attraction ?

Dating transsexuals on facebook – Men dating t-girls on social media

First of all, you should know that if you are not sure yet about your sexual orientation, maybe merely curious, and concerned about your privacy ( what people could say about your sexual preferences and so on). Then, you should first consider very well what you are looking for. Transsexuals girls are delicate and sensitive persons just like every woman. Most of all desiring to meet men that know to respect them, and a man that shows a little courage ( balls ) to put at least the face on his profile, which usually happens on Facebook to meet men withdraws, symbols, and any kind fake profiles.

Dating transsexuals on Facebook – Transgender meeting

On the other hand, rarely will happen to you meeting transsexuals on Facebook with only an avatar or a draw, or fake profile ( more than most if she is ladyboy from Asia where TS are better accepted and tolerated ). Even if she has a draw or some symbols as the main picture, usually she will have many pics that shows her life moments, bonding with friends, maybe even sexy poses, tons of selfie, funny times her life.

Transsexual women face every day what instead men are afraid to do, and then if you are a man that want to be with a strong woman, show some open-mindedness and respect.

Transsexual dates on Facebook and relationship

Transsexual woman Lea TIf you are looking for something like a serious love relationship, but even real friendship with a transsexual, and you wish to start in the best way, giving a good impression about yourself right away, and then you should try to introduce yourself as you would do with any other person. Load some pic (possibly smiling, will increase your chance of success ), message her first, and use good manners, tact. PRO TIP: AVOID, to spam the classic “ADD ME” on Facebook groups and lusty posts on your FB wall. On the other hand, if you are just looking for one night stand with an escort, an adventure, or you are just curious and insecure, and then you could even use fake pics. bBaear in mind, though, fake pics can be spotted easy, and t-girls are excellent doing so. So is never a good deal using someone else pics, warned! This lead us to the case of sex workers… ( Yeah, of course, there are many on Facebook, but also decent tgirls of course )

If you are interested in transsexual sex workers like escorts, the details mentioned earlier could be not so important at times. Because what you both looking for are different things, sex and money. In all the cases, even sex workers have real pics on FB ( the classic profile with sexy pic poses ), although their target is different from Facebook purpose. Nevertheless, bear in mind that introducing yourself without real pics will make you lose score even with some sex workers!

Don’t get banned like a fool on facebook!

In all the cases, you should for real avoid naughty or nude pics, ( your genitalia, if not expressively request by the girl, and use those just in private exchange). That’s a very common mistake that most people do on FB. Posting pics of genitalia or pornish stuff on your profile, or somewhere around, will cause your ban sooner or later. If you have a profile as such, usually you will be reported to Facebook moderation, to the point that your account will be banned for some time or erased forever. Avoid to send too many random friend requests to all the sexy trans women you see around. Spamming such requests could lead to account block. And as mentioned earlier, avoid as well public messages like ADD me too. Why? Because once your account gets limited, you will be forced Introducing yourself with the classic phrase ” ADD ME I’M BLOCKED ” which will not attract the interest of anyone or almost.

Facebook is a powerful tool, but it must be used with right cautions and accordingly.

Dating transsexuals on internet the common challenges

Dating Trannsexual on internetDo you prefer a private place? Do you care at your privacy? It is understandable that is not easy for you to show your identity publicly when you are still new to the game of dating transsexuals, even online. Maybe you are feared about what people may say about your sexual preference? Even more, when you are aware that maybe your family could not accept you and your transsexual girlfriend eventually. Could be even for job matters.

This is the most common challenges you have to face, and the typical case when it comes to date transgender women. But it is just a phase, every trans-oriented men have been there. Don’t worry, when you will meet the right t-girl for you, and feel in love, the courage will come by itself, and will be even proud of finally be with who you truly like and love!

Facebook alternatives and where to meet transsexuals online

For sure Facebook is indeed comfortable and convenient if you know how to use it, but bear in mind that Facebook’s purpose is putting the face publicly, and then it’s everything rather than privacy safety, the exact opposite. Then if you are still so concerned and not so ready to show yourself, you should look for other alternatives… Where? Exclusive dating site made for trans women!

Transex dating sites –  Date transgender in Safety, Privacy, and friendly people just like you

In this case, we are lucky nowadays there are great alternatives, and even better than Facebook. You can sing up on transsexual dating websites, where you will be in full privacy. The best thing about these matchmaking services is that everybody who’s online there share your same interests for trans women and vice versa. No fear then,  who sing up on a dating site for transgender is there right for the same reason, and you may even meet some news friends eventually. If you still have concerns for your privacy, bear in mind that on this sites, men can only browse t-girl profiles and not men profiles. So none can know you are registered on that site, except the t-girls.

Besides, the service under the control of professional moderators who makes sure none can harm you, and keep away fake profiles, scammers, and bad intentioned people. Of course, it doesn’t mean there are no risk at all… But you know you are in better hands! ( try to send a complaint to FB, and tell me if you ever received a reply! ). Like for the website we recommend and review here on for example, which are the most valid services you can find on internet. The owners of these dating sites make sure you experience is pleasing and relaxing.

Which one should I choose? We warmly recommend My transsexual date, to date local transsexuals in the west side if you are looking for serious love commitment. If you just want some fun and sexy dates, then look at our section for shemale dating

WARNING: hot dating sites are NOT ESCORT services, and we do not promote I any form or review such services. However, you may happen to find also sex workers profiles on these sites, so we warmly invite you to use the report features to moderators on the dating site you sing up!


So, how you found our guide for Dating transsexuals on facebook? Nowadays online dating is the most used service for match making to find a date, a partner, a lover. There are love stories born on the internet and ended into marriage. This is the revolution of the digital era we are living now. We finally can meet people that we couldn’t know otherwise. The neat thing is that you can get to know people just from your home, at every hour of day or night. These dating sites are like a club that is always open 24/7.

Here there is a cool place, very recommended if you want to start in the best way your research for a transgender girl

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12 thoughts on “Dating transsexuals on Facebook – Transgender meeting

  1. Daniella says:

    Looking for shemale to dress me up as a woman everyday and be her maid and sex partner … Want to be forced in to femininity and eventually get breast implants .

  2. susan sumi says:

    looking for long term relationship and curious , and meet real

    1. mo says:

      I would like that too. Could u send me a message on kik we can chat there. My username is j0hnaa

    2. Admin says:

      Welcome Susan, we all wish you that. Take a look our pages dedicated to romance dating ! Your feedback is welcome too!

  3. troy says:

    Looking for lifetime relationship with a versitile ladyboys she male transgender I’m open minded down to earth honest and loyal and willing to try anything once and more I live in eau claire Wi area

    1. Admin says:

      If you are looking for ladyboy romance, i reccomend you to visit the Ladyboy Dating web site page. Welcome.

  4. Rony says:

    As pethetic as it might sound I only resolnday went on my second real date in my life (I did have boyfriends before I’m not that bad) with this very nice guy. I’m 19 and he is 21. I’m all confused at how it is suppose to work and what is suppose to happen, when is it suppose to happen .. I’m not always a patient woman but I can wait if I have to or want to. I am not looking for SEX but a hug or a kiss whould be nice. We went on our second date on Friday night and I met his co-workers PLEASE HELP AND EXPLAIN HOW THIS DATING THING (GAME) WORKS!!!!!

    1. Andrea says:

      Well, what can I’m picturing about this resum, my guess, lack of comunication. You had different expectations about your date probably for this reason. Seeing the positive side of it, if he shows to his work mates it is a matter of respect and even pride. Is not easy to find a man not shy to tell “My girl is trasgender or transsexual” 😉

      I can onky wish you the very best for the future dates 🙂

  5. S says:

    Looking for long term relationship with a trans? Interested trans reply me. ?????

  6. Osiris says:

    I’m looking for a real friendship ,relationship, not into one night stands looking for someone who knows her beauty and self worth, that is the challenge

  7. Blue Martin says:

    Looking for long term relationship with versatile non op transgender woman.
    NOT one night stand.

  8. mike says:

    looking for ladyboy in kansas city

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